Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

Halskette - Lace - Schal - Krage -gehäkelt Silber Schal mit gestrickte Blättern

I finished the "leaves" that I had begun a few days ago and stopped - i have so many things that i started and then i stoped hihihih.
I made a silver and golded copper.
But the copper leaves still I have to sew the leaves.

This silver Lace - " leaves " with 3 leaves in tricot and 2 leaves thereon the rose- I have done the same way I created the other Leaves Rosa.
You can see it here in others posts
This one now, is made with two bright lines, but now is too early and not appear in the the brightness of lurex, maybe later

One of the lines i used is thinner , the one that I made the body of the Lace, so the Lace has two sides, double-sided ... l
The leaves too, so they have one side with thicker that one is not so silver - its woll with lurex
The other has more silver and also ist thicker
The thicker normaly we use needle 4 and the other number 2
I done many pic but no one show the right bright of this Yar

Well, I'll finish the other and make pictures at night to see if the effect appears

duplo face

here you can see the difference of the sides of the leaves
one side i used one dicker yarn and other side a woll with lurex

pull the biggest Leaf and the lace goes to ruckle and than you might use a different way
You can also use as cowl , if your imagination works well you find others way to wear it

Bestellen Sie Ihren Original Fri Krupp ´s Schal - Halskette

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