Freitag, 21. August 2009

Schal " Piu " - by Fri Krupp - kette, gehäkelt, Kollier

I was inspired to make the scarf, after I had looked to my cockatiels inside the cage.
Inside the cage has a tube that has another slimmer tube coming from inside it, and because it I was inspired to make this scarf.
The inspirations must be respected , even it comes from one cage hihihih
I gave the name to this scarf " Piu ", because it is the name of one of my Cockateil

That one i done by wool, but can be also with yarn for to wear in summer , as decorative piece.
I self tested how much could be warm, putting it in my neck.
It is a very simple, subtle scarf, light piece, that remote us for the time that the glamour of woman was her simplicity .

Auch, Kann mit Garn gemacht. Konatktieren Sie uns !
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